Here you have a link to practice jobs on Quizlet. Enjoy!

And here you have an extra activity to practice other jobs.

Finally, you can play a game to recognise different jobs and different places in the city. Enjoy!

There is / there are

Here you have a website to practice There is (singular) and There are (plural) in affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences. See if you can get a good mark!

5th Unit 3 Quizlet

Hi children! Here you have a link to 2 Quizlet activities, the first one is about the basic vocabulary related to the city and the second one is about directions and safety rules vocabulary.  Click on the pictures and enjoy!

6è Unit 2: Accessories

Here you have 2 Quizlet activities to practice the Accessories and  Adverbs of frequency. Click on the pictures and enjoy!

Also, you have an activity to practice other accessories and clothes you should know and others you may not know. Enjoy!

Days and months

Practice Days and months in English through these activities:

5è Unit 2: Healthy food

Here you have 3 Quizlet activities about food, drinks and recipes. Click on the pictures and enjoy!

Fruits and vegetables

Food and drinks


Here you have a link to practice everything you know about fruits!

Unit 1 on Quizlet

Here you have 2 links to practice the adjectives from Unit 1 on Quizlet.

5th grade: Unit 1 is on Quizlet!

Click on the pictures and practice the vocabulary related to description and clothes. Enjoy!